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In high school, Ann and I compiled a bunch of phrases and acronyms for describing terrible Sci-Fi plots. Looks like we weren’t the only ones with a list: Jabootuish Jargon has all kinds of great terms for handling bad movies:

Misdirected Answering (n): The habit of Bad Movie to spend time answering little questions you’ve probably not even thought of while ignoring truly gigantic plot holes. EXAMPLE: In Irwin Allen’s The Swarm, a film with as many gaping plot flaws as there are stars in the sky, a hunk of dialog is used to explain why Michael Caine’s scientist character sports a British accent.

Via Ann (what a coincidence!)

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Moving on to the next steps

Now that the election is over, How Will President Obama Deploy His Internet Army?

Obama has promised to create a “transparent and connected White House.” He’s also promised to appoint a Cabinet-rank chief technology officer to promote openness in federal agencies and help the new president communicate with the electorate. More generally, Obama supports expanding high-speed broadband Internet access, which roughly half the nation lacks.

For Change?

Need to get away from the political stuff for a bit?

If you need a break from polls, polls, and more polls after that, go play Factory Balls 2. 30 more levels of creating strange and unusual balls for shipping, now with grass and fish.