Katrina: The Gathering

Tradegy requires collectable cards. Actually, this is kind of interesting and informative. Lots of good images and quotes. I’m not sure how playable it is, though.

Yar yar!

Apparently some people take role-playing in World of Warcraft far more seriously than others. Hint to some people: some conversations should be kept private unless you want to invite other participants.

Includes language that’s not safe for work. Funny if you’ve played this game, but not safe.

Genpets Series 01

Genpets Series 01 are here! Do they make a mewfity sound?

The Internet Never Forgets

One of the more interesting links I’ve seen about 9/11 is this from the Library of Congress: September 11 Web Archive. This website archives thousands of pages of material from news and other sites.

Chief Justice Rehnquist has died

Well, um, that’s not good.


I’m still trying to sort out this whole mess with Katrina and NOLA, but nothing I’ve seen so far gives me any confidence that this administration has learned a damned thing from past disasters, including 9/11. But it seems that their favorite tactic of just making up crap and hoping everyone continues to believe it is starting to fail:

The big disconnect on New Orleans:

Chertoff: In addition to local law enforcement, we have 2,800 National Guard in New Orleans as we speak today. One thousand four hundred additional National Guard military police trained soldiers will be arriving every day: 1,400 today, 1,400 tomorrow and 1,400 the next day.

Nagin: I continue to hear that troops are on the way, but we are still protecting the city with only 1,500 New Orleans police officers, an additional 300 law enforcement personnel, 250 National Guard troops, and other military personnel who are primarily focused on evacuation.

At least some people want to know what’s going on. Reportedly, Congress will probe the delay in getting National Guard Troops to the area.

People in NOLA had been wondering where the Red Cross was. Apparently, the Red Cross was banned from bringing food and supplies to Nola. Why? Because apparently this administration thought that having minimal food and water would be too big an incentive to stay in the area. Unbelievable.

Meanwhile, some are actually celebrating this tragedy.

If you’re looking for more information about what’s going on:

Daily Kos gives you Katrina by the Numbers.

Wikipedia has a good set of pages on Hurricane Katrina.

CNN has a Network for Good highlighting organizations mobilized to assist. Warning: some are left-wing, some right-wing, but most are neutral. Make sure your politics agree with who you support if that is important to you.

Some people!

Some people are very dedicated to their religion.

Some people are very dedicated to their favorite TV show. That’s a lot of Lego. And the damned thing was built by hand! From Jeff B.

Some people wonder what Homer Simpson would look like in real life.

Some people have no idea how to role-play with a female GM. You do what? With your what? Um… sure… From Alas, a blog

Some people really like Scrabble.

Can’t sleep

FSM will eat me.


Barbie just assassinated Ken again!

Day of random links!

Some day, I may blog for real again. Until then, enjoy these pit stops on the Internet:

Roger Ebert hates these movies.

I’ve seen, maybe, two or three of these movies. And, actually, I kind of liked them. Never have and never will see this one, though:

“Battlefield Earth”

Hiring Travolta and Whitaker was a waste of money, since we can’t recognize them behind pounds of matted hair and gnarly makeup. Their costumes look like they were purchased from the Goodwill store on the planet Tatooine. Travolta can be charming, funny, touching and brave in his best roles; why disguise him as a smelly alien creep? The Psychlos can fly between galaxies, but look at their nails: Their civilization has mastered the hyperdrive but not the manicure.

Legal Urban Legends Hold Sway: it’s easy to convince people that tort reform is rational if you make up a bunch of insane law suits.

The Bubble Burst: yet another “where are they now” site.

Good advice for parents-to-be.