A change of pace

The Internet also has dog stories. Enjoy!

You say it’s your birthday

It’s my birthday, too, yeah!

Paul is 64 today. Do we still need him? (What a weird person to share a birthday with.)

Did I miss the sun?

If you’re looking for me, I’m in sunny Florida, blogging at CALI.

This will only waste a minute or so of your time

A very neat optical illusion featuring a Big Spanish Castle.

When Mentos and Diet Coke Meet

No one is safe. This looks like fun.

Happy belated birthday!

Ann F. wants us all to learn all about the Numbers of the Beast. Meanwhile, can you find the Antichrist?


The Library of Congress preserves our nation’s memories: Experiencing War (Military Intel: The Inside Story): Stories from the Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress.

Here are stories of Military Intelligence (or “Intel,” as insiders call it), the secret weapon of any country’s war effort. Every veteran has his or her own war, and each is custodian of a unique story and memories. At the Veterans History Project, we treasure the personal narratives sent to us by veterans from all wars. Vivid as if they happened yesterday, these heartfelt accounts make us laugh, cry and remember.The stories are not a formal history of war, but a treasure trove of individual feelings and personal recollections.

This for real?

Think Progress reports, Desperate for Supporters, DeLay Turns to Stephen Colbert: “A good sign that Tom DeLay doesn’t have the facts on his side: the top source for his latest defense against his critics is Stephen Colbert.”

The pro-DeLay site currently features the Colbert video on its front page. Is irony really that dead?

What’s scary is that some of them make more sense this way

Something Awful members write summaries of Backward Films:

Star Trek II: Khan of Wrath The

To their astonishment, the crew of a heavily-damaged USS Enterprise discover Spock’s dead body in a torpedo casing on the surface of a strange, newly-formed planet near the Mutara Nebula. They recover the body, which happily comes back to life, so McCoy restores Spock’s “katra” and heals his horrible wounds by exposing him to the life-giving radiation of the warp core.

MeFi adds a few of its own suggestions. Too bad none of these will ever be actual movies.

Gotta wonder

So, let’s say you are able to have conversations with the most mighty being in the universe. Do you discuss the meaning of life, the intricacies of particle physics, the nature of the human psyche? Apparently, if you’re Pat Robertson, you discuss the weather. Seems like a waste.

Pat’s big revelation? The coasts of the US will be battered by storms! Wow. For my next amazing feat, watch me pull a rabbit out of this rabbit hole.