Talkin’ bout a revolution?

Intellectual Property has Run Amok. This is insane — I understand people want the money they’re due but what of “fair use”? If there’s a revolution, I think it will be about ideas and media.

Kitties are funny

Tomato Nation has a brand new essay about her cats, one to which we can relate all too well:

You know those bags of Hecker’s flour? Little Joe is eighteen of those bags. Little Joe is at least two newborn babies. Little Joe is, as of last Thursday, now known merely as “Joe” at the vet’s office, because, as Dr. Dan so eloquently put it, “…Not so much.”

Enjoy her cats’ daily exercise routine. It’s a riot, and oddly familiar. Except her cats don’t climb to the highest shelf in her office and push each other off, completely scattering several boxes of stuff all over the place. Yay, kitties.

In case you had too much time on your hands

So the other day I found Babble on some blog or another. Players get all day to find as many words as possible on a 5×5 Boggle grid. It’s bizarrely addicting.

And, if you need some assistance, Megan found a place to get a few hints.

Happy 3.14159265358979323846 Day!

Some of you, like my mom, may have learned about today from a Morning Edition story on NPR. Or maybe you read the more detailed story in today’s Independent. Or even explored the links in Metafilter’s annual entry (I’m not sure how it got turned into a thread about anti-Americanism). Of course, if you need still more information about this celebratory day, there’s always Wikipedia.

It’s also David’s 1/4 birthday.

I think I’ll go get some pie to celebrate.

Not exactly Swatches

Ann F. found some neat Japanese watches. Some interesting interfaces here, especially for those of you who think a regular watch face is insufficiently challenging.

Does Black’s have a definition for “sea sponge”?

Mistakes no lawyer should make: Solo’s Errant Spell-Check Causes ‘Sea Sponge’ Invasion.

My guess was correct — the correct phrase was “sua sponte”.

Where do your favorite comic book characters go on Sunday morning?

Find out at Religion of Comic Book Characters. Not only does this project identify the various religious affiliations of many superheroes, it also includes major and minor villains as well. Even more impressive is that each religious identification is backed up by an extensive supporting essay. Is this someone’s masters thesis or PhD dissertation?

Can’t sleep! Clown will eat me!

OK, it’s the Onion, so it’s a cheap shot, but I liked Rotation Of Earth Plunges Entire North American Continent Into Darkness:

Millions of eyewitnesses watched in stunned horror Tuesday as light emptied from the sky, plunging the U.S. and neighboring countries into darkness. As the hours progressed, conditions only worsened.

What unimaginable disaster does night bring?

Spinning in his grave?

May Shakespeare rest in peace. A very long list of what not to do with the Good Bard.

92. I will not project a PowerPoint slideshow onto a large screen above and behind the actors, ever, for any reason, no matter what.

Um… what kind of weddings are some people having, anyway?

So if you want to spend $95 on it, you can have this wedding cake topper of “Hans” Solo and Leia. This, in itself, while kind of cute, is not blogworthy. That they offer a Leia/Luke option is.


From Pop Culture Junk Mail, where someone in the comments noted he had heard of a wedding where the bride was dressed as Leia and the groom was Darth Vader. That’s really sick. And wrong. Also sick.