Not as easy as it looks

Today’s NYT “The Upper Middle Class is Great” article focuses on the value of working in college or some such idea which doesn’t make sense to most of the people in the world. And, like most such articles, it fundamentally misunderstands its central point. The author’s son is working as a nude art model, a job which the author continually implies is easy, “a job where you get paid a lot and don’t do much work.”

Not exactly. I bet the author’s never taken a life-drawing class before. Being a nude model is pretty difficult. You have to know how to pose your body in may different ways and then hold those poses for a long time. The Boing Boing commenters have got it right:

[M]odeling for life drawing is HARD. Just try to stay completely still for ten minutes straight (or half an hour). No fidgeting, no scratching, no twitching or changing position. Now do that while standing or sitting in an interesting pose. If you do take a break during a long pose, you have to get back in exactly the same position. I can’t do it myself.

Back in my art school days, good models really helped us learn new techniques, while bad models made creating art a lot more difficult. It’s not a matter of having a traditionally great body or face -those aren’t necessary – but being interesting to look at and able to maintain an artist’s interest throughout a class or drawing session. If you can do that, you’ve got skills, and pretty marketable ones at that.

Too many tabs – my annoyance, your gain!

I have too many tabs open, so I’ll share them with you so I can get rid of some:

12-Year-Old’s a Food Critic via Metafilter. Look for him on Top Chef in a few seasons.
Guidelines for Cats via Presurfer. Because there’s not enough funny cat stuff on the Internet.
Sithborg, you want this tshirt (there’s also I’ll kill you with my brain!) via CtrlAltTabby.
Incredibots – more Flash meets physics.
Give a laptop/get a laptop is back. But it’s $399. I’ll have to think about that one.
Will Obama make the greatest sacrifice yet – giving up his BlackBerry?
Google SketchUp, a 3D modeler for Macs and PCs, looks like fun.
I’ve blogged them once, but the Shiba Inu puppies are growing up so you’d better watch them while you can.
On second thought, I think I’ll keep the puppy tab open.

From a sentence to a story

Telescopic Text by Joe Davis

Days with My Father

Days with My Father is a beautiful photo essay.

Bomomo – a new art toy

Bomomo is the latest art toy going around the blogs. It’s kind of like Spirograph, or Etch-a-Sketch, but much more colorful.

Collaborative Art

Ten Thousand Cents is an art project with a twist. Two artists developed the concept. Thousands of artists created the final piece. Some stuck with the concept, others followed their own direction. The result is pretty amazing.

The Peepest Time of the Year

The Washington Post ran its second (hopefully annual) Peeps Show. It’s art you can appreciate on many levels. View, ponder, then eat.

Those nice bright colors

Yeondoo Jung creates photo compositions from children’s drawings. Who says art can’t be fun?

Found in the Browser


Starship enterprise: the next generation- looks like we’ll need more aerospace engineers. Good thing!

The History of Visual Communication – fantastic images, but it kind of forgets about the practical side of communication.

Web 2.0 Beta Invites – in case you haven’t had your fill of social networking.

Deliberately Concealed Garments Project – I didn’t know this was a common practice at one time. Interesting what you can find in your own house.


The Super Friends (I’ll be there for you)

$1 Image Stabilizer – seems almost too easy.

Buggles and Miau

Stealing from the Presurfer again: Algebraic Surfaces Gallery. Math is pretty!