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And I thought the bar exam was hard

If you want to feel like you must have forgotten everything you’ve ever learned, take a crack at the 106th King William’s College Quiz. Some answers you might know already, others are easily found in Wikipedia or Google, but most of the questions would be challenging to even the most seasoned librarians. Some MeFites have posted a few of the answers. The full set of answers will be posted later this month. Good luck!

2011 is a prime number (and other facts)

While 2010 is divisible by 3, 10 and a bunch of other numbers, 2011 is a prime number. Other things to know about 2011:

  • If we were in the Aeon Flux universe, nearly the entire population of the planet would be wiped out by a mysterious virus (and here’s more of that kind of thing).
  • 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry (and more events that will take place in the real world).
  • 2011 movies include Thor, The Green Hornet, and sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Transformers, and, of course, Cars.

Whatever you are looking forward to in 2011, I hope you all have a wonderful and happy new year.


Did somebody lose an elephant? Yes, yes they did. What do you do when you find a lost elephant? Apparently, call 911 (and film it).

Via GeekPress

Google makes everything easier

Google can handle your email, phone, documents, pictures, and calendar. And now Google will even send out a holiday card for you. Bonus Google feature: it also searches the web.

Via The J-Walk Blog

Know a geek who needs a gift?

Mashable has some ideas, from soap to pillows to (of course) t-shirts.

When you care enough to email the very best

I’m surprised I haven’t seen these cards in the store yet. Expect one on your next birthday.

Via Ann F.

Doe a WTF?

The other day, I taught David “The Time Warp” because I was sick of “Doe a Dear.” However, if this happened every time I sang the song, I’d be happy to keep singing it. However, it might have been even more awesome if they used The Time Warp instead.

It’s been a week – got a few links saved up

If your kids are bored, try showing them Hamster on a Piano, or its companion piece, Cat Flushing the Toilet (via One Good Thing). Unrelated, but also cute, a parrot and a cat (via Jeff B).

Lots of pictures of old computers. Anyone ever have an Altair? compiles the best pictures. Here are some from The Hajj and Eid al-Adha. Via Ann F.

Japan’s trains are awesome. Also AF

Most Likely to Succeed – how can we tell who will perform, and who will not?

Can’t believe I missed this one

I’ve been to Wisconsin quite a bit, but somehow I never made it to The Gobbler Motel and Supper Club. But I don’t feel that deprived – Lileks has brought it back in all of its 70s glory.

And I thought they were annoying enough on listservs

No trucks, and I will return to the office on Monday: Out of office message ends up on road sign.