Great news for comics?

I still buy comics, but I’m way behind in my reading. I spent part of my maternity leave trying to catch up, but only partially succeeded. I got through my Marvels and most of my DCs, but there are plenty of independents I need to read. The problem? Comics are too physical. Do I have all of the issues? Where did I put them? Did I finish the last issue, or am I just half-way through? And who spilled apple juice on the cover? And forget going to the comic book store – no time. I have them delivered.

That said, I read a lot of books before I went back to work — all on my Kindle for iPhone. The screen was easy to read, I could always tell where I left off, and I could read whatever I wanted with one hand. I didn’t have to worry about where I’d left the book or whether my bookmark had fallen out. Why can’t reading comics be as simple?

It’s starting to look like maybe it will be. I’ve been hearing rumors of an Apple tablet for years, but this latest round seems pretty credible. It looks very likely like we’ll see this tablet in the next year or so. Coincidentally, LongBox is a company which is developing an iTunes-like store for comics (great concept; lousy website so far). Depending on how this works out, this could be a partnership made in comic geek heaven. No more storing comics in big boxes. No more accidentally missing an issue or buying the same comic twice. No more worrying about random toddler incidents.

So, Apple, hurry up with that tablet already.

(Stick) Boom De Yada

XKCD Loves the Discovery Channel (now with video goodness).

I love the Discovery Channel, too. Where else can I see brides agonizing over dresses which cost more than my car, people far taller than I can even imagine, and women who somehow miss morning sickness, a shrinking bladder, a blooming appetite, and internal kicking only to find themselves waking up one morning on the wrong side of labor?

Yay! A new Miyazaki

Ponyo will be out here in the US on August 14.

Who’s watching the Watchmen?

Roger Ebert, apparently. He’s given the movie 4 stars. Then he watched it again in IMAX and wrote an essay. Meanwhile, PZ Myers (agreeing with an unlikely ally) is a bit distressed at one major change from the original. Bonus: Saturday Morning Wachmen!

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From my open tabs in Flock:

The Hero Factory – an improved costume maker.

Achievement Unlocked – when you only have 1/2 hour to play a game but want to feel like you’re making progress

One way to pay bonuses – “Want your bonus to be worth something? Work for it.”

I had that. And that. And that. And now I have those. – SLYT

It’s the weekend – of course you have time on your hands

Need something to do on the net? Why not play around with or read some manga?

More comics on the web

It’ll take a little while to go through these archives.

Hey, look! The New Yorker found the Internet

Katz v XKCD: The Great Cartoon-Off of 2008.

Knowing your audience?

Hysterical, but perhaps Sunday’s Foxtrot was a little bit too obscure. I love that someone left a comment.

Coco Wang: China 5:12 Earthquake | MetaFilter

From Metafilter: 10 comics about the China 5:12 Earthquake. They are beautiful, but hard to take.