Fun geek toy of the day: Desktop fabricator

For about a tenth the cost of an industrial one, you can assemble your own desktop fabricator, kind of like a printer which can make 3D objects. Generally, you’ll use silicone, but it can also make objects out of chocolate. And Play-Dough. Also chocolate.



Emoticons are 25 years old!

Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy’s Couch – New York Times

Is there a better than even chance that all of us are simply computer simulations Controlled From Some Guy’s Couch? Is global warming merely a power surge? And when will someone hit the “reset” button?

Is the next President of the United States running Linux?

Very likely.

Playing the B-Sides

Vinyl Data is the story of computer games that could once be found on LPs.

That’s right: there were a handful of records released in the late 70′s and early 80′s that contained computer programs as part of the audio. This is totally insane, and totally great.

The way it kind of was

If it were a BBS: Engadget 1985.

You loved PC-DOS (or maybe you didn’t), you live with MS-DOS, but it’s too early to sit around and for Micro-soft’s IBM parnership on OS/2 to yield fruit. So after years of delays in finishing this damned thing, we’ve finally got their big new program, Windows 1.0!

Um great?

Better than an iPod?

Blogs have too much time: ypsi~dixit figures out how many punch cards it would take to encode a 3 minute MP3.

How nice!

I’m trying to figure out what browser will work best for me on my Mac. IE is so old it can’t read certain websites very well. Safari is nice, but it hangs in places and sometimes crashes. It also doesn’t handle the Blogrolling sidemenu very well. So I decided to look into Firefox. I went to on the vague hope that URL would work. Surprisingly, it did, but apparently it was once owned by another company. That company, in turn, gave the URL to Mozilla:

The Mozilla Foundation thanks Kevin Karpenske, the previous owner of the domain, for generously having transferred this domain to our use for the Firefox web browser.

Wow, niceness any civility on the Internet. What a concept!

(Firefox has the same problem as Safari w/ the blogroll. Darn.)

Well, it’s a nice computer

But runs only DOS. Apple will come out with something better, soon, which may only run at 8 G but will have a 50000 G HD.

This is a very 1337 machine. I had to build a special desk with a liquid helium cooling pad on top. Without it, this machine would heat up and melt through the desk, and continue melting through the floor and ground until it reached the center of the planet. Then the reaction would cause the planet to explode, killing us all.

Via Jason. And possibly someone’s April Fools joke.

All I want for Christmas

Is all the stuff you can by at ThinkGeek:

Archos AV120 w/ DVR Attachment – take tv shows with you. Watch Jeopardy at any time!.

Etymotic In-Ear Headphones – tiny and cute.

Smart Mass Thinking Putty – 10x as expensive as Silly Putty!

USB Mini Desktop Aquarium – drive the cats nuts.

Pi By The Numbers – I gotta have this tshirt.

Logitech Internet Chat Headset – looks useful.

2005 Classic Computers Calendar – Reliving the green and black.

Atari Classics 10-in-1 TV Games – because I have too much free time.

The Cult of the Mac – nuff said!