Dear West: Do not piss off law librarians

Or they will blog about you. (West responds.)

Challenging Uncle Bobby’s Wedding

When a patron challenged, a childen’s book about gay marriage, a librarian sent her a very thoughtful response explaining why the book would remain on the shelves, available to everyone. Two great passages:

Ultimately, such labels make up a governmental determination of the moral value of the story. It seems to me – as a father who has done a lot of reading to his kids over the years – that that kind of decision is up to the parents, not the library. Because here’s the truth of the matter: not every parent has the same value system.

Your third point, about the founders’ vision of America, is something that has been a matter of keen interest to me most of my adult life. In fact, I even wrote a book about it, where I went back and read the founders’ early writings about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. What a fascinating time to be alive! What astonishing minds! Here’s what I learned: our whole system of government was based on the idea that the purpose of the state was to preserve individual liberties, not to dictate them.

Will the letter pay off?

Fun with Reference

More games from Metafilter. Carnegie Mellon Libraries have created a couple of library arcade games. The shelving one is about what you’d expect – find the correct LC location, shelve, repeat. The reference one is pretty fun.

If you want to know more about gaming in libraries, there’s a Ning group (of course).

Now with extra accessories!

They’ve upgraded the Librarian Action Figure! Now with a more kicky outfit and better accessories — like, say, a reference desk computer. See: thing librarians use every single day.

Actually, I kinda like the cart.

Still blogging

I’ve been away at an AALL conference so instead of here, I’ve been posting at the CS-SIS Blawgs Committee blog and the AALLamo Blog.

Oh, and last month an article I co-wrote was published.

If you happen to have it around, check the latest issue of American Libraries for an article I co-wrote w/ Professor Bill Crowley, “Professional Values: Priceless”.

And now I think I’ve blown my 1.5 minutes of fame.

Neat old library pictures

Libraries from around the 1920s. They don’t look too much different from some of the libraries I used as a kid. They kind of lack the colorfulness and openness of today’s libraries. And the computers. And the lack of card catalog. But we still use those book trucks!

Away for a bit

I’m in Seattle for the CALI Conference. Like last year, I will be blogging over here.

Stuff like this never happens at my library

Peeps visit the library.

Some die.

The library is a dangerous place.

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