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Steve has his own blog (Captain Geek) but here goes anyway: Apparently, many Repubs don’t like Bush either. He won only 85% of the NH primary vote; Kerry and Dean came in 2nd and 3rd.

A Vietnam veteran, Anderson told New Hampshire’s Concord Monitor that he wrote in Kerry’s name because the senator, also a veteran, understands the folly of carrying on a failed war. "I feel a commander, the president of the United States, ought to be a veteran," explained Anderson, who says his top priority is getting US troops out of Iraq.

Now, to be sure, probably most Republican voters in NH didn’t bother to go to the polls. Just the loyal ones and angry ones. Still, if the angry ones keep voting, we’ve got something resembling a chance in November.

Shop Till You Drop


The stores on this page will donate money from customer purchases to get rid of our unelected president. Sounds like a worthy cause.

Interesting selection of stores. ClubMac. Sharper Image. Home Shopping Network. McAffe (Bush causes viruses? What?).

Gee, we don’t like these numbers anymore….

Remember that poll about gay marriage I posted a few weeks ago? The one put up by the conservative AFA who hoped to use it to prove Americans Hate Gay Marriage? The one that generated numbers showing completely the opposite?

Well, it seems that the AFA won’t be taking those numbers to Congress. They blame “homosexual activists” for messing up their poll. It’s kind of like when I messed up getting Jim Ryan elected by voting for the other guy. How dare I do that!

Oh, and note that the AFA put up this poll, expected only its supporters to vote and then wanted to send those results on to Congress to show what Americans think. Let me get this straight — they intended a few people with specific agendas to represent the will of the American people? Sounds like typical Bush Republicans to me.

What did he say?

I completely ignored the SotU address. I wonder what he said? I think I’ll check a reliable source.

Who are these guys?

I’ve been looking for a good description of all the Democratic candidates. This one may be the best yet. Apparently, when not on the campaign trail, Dems fight crime!

Clark was given his super-speed powers when the evil Warlock Desputin attacked a discoteque in Munich, where Clark was dancing with his girlfriend Sheila. Struck by a stray burst of radioactive Turbo Cat power, Clark soon developed superhuman abilities, which he now uses to fight crime.

(From LYD)

When Alas is not Melancholy (long)

There’s been some nice stuff lately over at Alas, a blog, which has been covering some pressing feminist and sexuality issues.

Apparently, the Freepers have been attacking comedian Margaet Cho for her stance on same sex marriage.
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Life in these united states

Democrats.org are collecting stories from actual Americans that show The Real State of the Union. This one, which I saw posted on Wage Slave Journal, shows the daily effects of Bush’s tax cuts and economic policies:

Bush’s generous tax cuts have put an extra four dollars into my twice-monthly pay check. Meanwhile our local property taxes have increased by about $1000 this year. Our son’s college tuition was raised by about 9%. My husband and I receive health care through our employer, who raised our contribution 400% this past year. My daughter who just graduated college last spring can not find a job that pays more than $7.50 and hour. She has no health insurance, and since she can only find low paying jobs without benefits, she is unable for now to repay her college loans, so we are making those payments for her. Thank you George Bush for your tender concern for the middle class.

So, a measly tax cut. A disproportionate property tax increase to make up for lost local revenue. Benefits that pretty much cost more than salaries. No jobs for new grads. Whee.

Makes sense since he was appointed

Outrageous! Bush Installs Pickering Through Recess Appointment

Lovely, just lovely. Yet another racist asshole is given power simply handed to him on a silver platter.

Learning Colors

Today’s terror alert is brought to you by the letter Y and the Muppet Bert.

Thanks Dave!

Ads for something we really need

I always thought we should air political ads that discussed issues that really mattered, not just ones that were mere smear campaigns or didn’t talk about anything important. Towards that end, Move On has put up the 14 finalists for Bush in 30 Seconds. Some are good, some are uneven. I like this car repair shop one.

I did notice, however, that the ads are a little inconsistent with their statistics. But whether 8000 or 9000 people died in Iraq, or whether 2.4 or 3.3 million jobs have been lost, the numbers are pretty appalling.

Winners to be announced on Monday.