Aren’t you just embarassed sometimes?

Many will die but patents will be protected!

More embaressment.

I’m Living in the Twilight Zone

The other day, some of us were talking about how there seems to be less Sci Fi out there these days. Maybe it’s because we’re living it?

That logo is so Illuminatti.

Why does Ofelia scare me?

Every time the Internet seems slow, I find somthing on Yahoo’s new sites. This time — the Presidential Pets Museum. Why do I suspect that any one of Bush’s 4 pets is smarter than he is?

Ofelia is Bush’s pet longhorn, BTW. Not sure if that’s supposed to be a beloved family member or lunch.

You will be assimila — too late!

Yahoo! News – Kan. Town Votes Itself Out of Existence

Not what they meant about “popping in a video”….

Banned in the UK, it’s the forbidden vaguely-anti-Bush cartoon advertisement!

It’s so funny because it’s true….

Sticks and Stones

Prime minister’s aide steps down over moron comment about Bush

And people trust this administration why?


This administration has no concerns for truth or justice or anything remotely resembling these concepts. They do what they want to make themselves richer and none of us, Americans or Iraqis, will benefit from their actions in any way, shape, or form.

The acting’s only mildly worse…..

Coming soon to an unnecessary war near you. Clone of the Attack! (Thanks Frances)

Stuff and other things

Stuff and other things

There are many sad things going on in the world, like the death of Senator Wellstone and his family.

The thing about politics is that there are so few people I respect that I can never remember what it is they did that I liked. I can remember pretty well what stuff people did that I don’t like. There’s a lot of that. But here I am, and I heard this guy died, and I was thinking, “But I Iiked him. Why do I like him? What did he do?”

Read here. (Google cache — link taken from MeFi)

Other things (stolen from a number of sources):

One of the best poems I’ve seen in a while.

Where can I buy an ElectriClerk?

Maybe on EBay? (may be dead link soon)