Rove goes roving

I had a dust, but I bited it.


A debate I’d almost watch


I was really hoping this would be a debate about which outlet delivers a product most actually resembling anything like the news. No such luck.


Here’s an explanation about why Bush commuted Libby’s sentence, but I’m still not sure I get it. Or maybe I get it too well.

Worst President Ever

Here’s some data.

Best McDonald’s Site Ever

From MetaFilter. The poster’s description is succinct but accurate:

McDonald’s UK goes Web 2.0 with a site answering user’s questions. Apparently, all of them.

Some of the questions are silly:

Why did my banana milkshake turn bright orange after a few hours stored in the fridge?
[They didn't know]

Why do I get the Spurlock McGurgles everytime I eat at your resturants?
McDonald’s is not aware of the ‘Spurlock McGurgles’ as being a specific phenomenon. Everyone has a different digestive rate and can be affected in different ways by the things that they eat.

Some are cultural:

Why doesnt England do the Shamrock Shake? We celebrate St.Patricks day too!

McDonald’s feels that the Shamrock Shake would not be as popular outside of Ireland. [I hadn't realized I was living in Ireland.]

Some are poignent:

How do interest rates (rising and falling) affect McDonald’s?
As with any business, interest rate changes affect McDonald’s. McDonald’s globally is predominantly a franchised business and franchisees will often finance the purchase of a McDonald’s restaurant through a bank or other lender. This loan is set at a fixed rate, above the country’s base rate, and consequently, as the base rate rises and falls so too will the cost of the financing. Here in the UK, the Bank of England sets the base rate. This is currently 5 percent (November 2006). This will impact those franchised restaurants where a loan is still outstanding. Company-owned restaurants are not affected by movements in the UK base rate as they are funded by the US and so will be subject to variations in US interest rates.

Wow, that’s almost a real answer.

Many are political:

Do your farmers use any Genetically Modified animal feed? Do you use any Genetically Modified ingredients? Is is possible to have a personalised answer which actually answers my questions instead of the usual “we value your comment”?
McDonald’s does not use any does not use any genetically modified (GM) ingredients in the food it serves.

Notice that McDonald’s answered the second question, but not the first (or, for that matter, the third).

Have you stopped poisoning people?
McDonald’s is a legitimate business and sells food and drink acting fully within the laws of the countries where it operates.

Still, not answering the question.

My question: What on earth did you do to the poor animal to make your chicken sandwich so vile? And more McRib, please.

The only good law suit is my law suit

If you’re going to promote tort reform, realize that the law suit you may affect is likely to be your own.

From Borgknight.

Instant Karma

A bird comments on Bush’s job handling the attorney general situation. I agree with the bird.

Maybe we won’t always have Paris

Anne wants us to make sure Paris Hilton experiences a new kind of undeluxe accommodation, so she started this petition. (Hey look, Anne has blog entries!)

Challenge of the Super-Duper Friends

If you liked the Super Friends as a kid, you might find this at least vaguely amusing. Challenge of the Super-Duper Friends.

Now with Pentacles

Just added to Available Emblems of Belief for Placement on Government Headstones and Markers – Burial & Memorials: Wiccan Pentacles. Geez. To think it took a law suit. But I like some of the rest of the symbols on this list a lot; the atheist one is a great sort of atomic symbol.

An Easter basket of links (mostly Kosher for Passover)

I thought I knew how to boil an egg, but I guess I don’t.

Wonder what to do with leftover peeps? Create a Peep Show.

Even in 2003, Senator Byrd wanted to know, “Where’s the money? (for Iraq). I’d still like to know.

A very complete Star Wars timeline. Ever wanted to know how Star Wars time matches up with Earth time?

Web 2.0 is quite dynamic: The State of the Live Web, April 2007.

The Purgegate Primer (pre Goodling-resignation, but still useful).