Link Dump

Mother’s Day links

None of which have much to do with Mother’s Day at all.

H1N1 may be nasty, but parasites are still a global problem. They can be hugely problematic for humans — and a complete nightmare for the rest of the animal kingdom (warning: do not read while trying to eat).

Is that whiskey really as old as the seller claims? One way to find out is to check for nuclear fall out. If you find it in a whiskey which was supposed to have been bottled in 1850, the seller is lying.

The new Trek movie briefly touches on torture, but the torture is Hollywood-style and the movie doesn’t have much to say about it. TNG’s take on torture, on the other hand, was far more nuanced (not to mention prescient).

Oprah tells her audience about a coupon for free KFC chicken and causes a lot of headaches for libraries. How does that work?

Sunday Linkage

I never have enough energy to keep up my links here when pregnant, but thought I’d share some of the stuff that I’ve been saving to blog at some point:

We still don’t have a name for this girl who’s arriving pretty soon. Maybe the Random Name Generator will help.

Recipes assume you have all of the ingredients already. I usually don’t. The Recipe Puppy will find recipes based on what I actually have.

These ray guns look awesome.

A short synopsis of Obama’s first 100 days.

Several funny images here, but I like the support priority list.

Via lots of places, including friends on FB.

Why you can’t haz RSS

Why I dropped you from my RSS reader:

  1. I never want to see the whine “buy why can’t white people use the n-word that’s just not fair and it’s racist I feel so left out” again. Good lord, who’d want to? That’ll drop you but good. Instead, I’ll read Anti-Racist Parent.
  2. You let go the writer I liked from your magazine’s blog. I guess I’ll just have to keep reading Julia’s main blog.
  3. You’re a great writer, but the ratio of posts about life to posts about selling stuff I don’t/can’t buy became too high. Boing Boing, you might be next to go for that reason.
  4. When was the last time you posted? I have no idea, and I’m pretty sure you don’t either. But that’s ok, J-Walk, Presurfer, and Geek Press are pretty consistent.

Tabs. Nothing but Tabs. Where’s the Diet Coke?

The browsers grown a lot of tabs lately:

Yes, there is science behind cute (we think).

Obama’s scary Blackberry – and ideas on how to make it safer.

Thoughts, musings, and ideas about the Oxford Comma.

The ever-prescient Calvin explains the current recession.

If all toys were this scary, would kids be more likely to actually put them away?

MySpace for the youth, and Facebook for the rest of us? Not too bad, except for the Twitter thing.

Speaking of social networks, here are some random stats about them.

Sunday links

Collecting a few things in my tabs again:

Make your own Star Trek plot

The grammar of comic book lettering

10 privacy settings every Facebook user should know

Amazing paper airplanes

Sneak Peek at Torchwood, Season 3

It’s too cold out to blog

This should keep you entertained for a while.

Princess Bride Trivia – now you’ll know something I don’t know.

Obamameter – tracking the new presidency.

How much do you know about Barak Obama? Too much, perhaps.

Happy birthday, Mac (a couple days late)

Sirtet – because we needed another Tetris derivative?

Why cats don’t need TV

Star Wars – retold by someone who hasn’t seen it.

Lazy link post

From my open tabs in Flock:

The Hero Factory – an improved costume maker.

Achievement Unlocked – when you only have 1/2 hour to play a game but want to feel like you’re making progress

One way to pay bonuses – “Want your bonus to be worth something? Work for it.”

I had that. And that. And that. And now I have those. – SLYT

It’s been a week – got a few links saved up

If your kids are bored, try showing them Hamster on a Piano, or its companion piece, Cat Flushing the Toilet (via One Good Thing). Unrelated, but also cute, a parrot and a cat (via Jeff B).

Lots of pictures of old computers. Anyone ever have an Altair? compiles the best pictures. Here are some from The Hajj and Eid al-Adha. Via Ann F.

Japan’s trains are awesome. Also AF

Most Likely to Succeed – how can we tell who will perform, and who will not?

Too many tabs – my annoyance, your gain!

I have too many tabs open, so I’ll share them with you so I can get rid of some:

12-Year-Old’s a Food Critic via Metafilter. Look for him on Top Chef in a few seasons.
Guidelines for Cats via Presurfer. Because there’s not enough funny cat stuff on the Internet.
Sithborg, you want this tshirt (there’s also I’ll kill you with my brain!) via CtrlAltTabby.
Incredibots – more Flash meets physics.
Give a laptop/get a laptop is back. But it’s $399. I’ll have to think about that one.
Will Obama make the greatest sacrifice yet – giving up his BlackBerry?
Google SketchUp, a 3D modeler for Macs and PCs, looks like fun.
I’ve blogged them once, but the Shiba Inu puppies are growing up so you’d better watch them while you can.
On second thought, I think I’ll keep the puppy tab open.