“A musical look at the rigors of law school”

Law school sucks, particularly if you’re a 1L. It’s not so much the video itself that amuses me, but that there are so many other videos on the same topic. I guess that first year inspires the hidden blues song writer in all of us.

I’ve been trying to figure out the name for years

Classic Sesame Street


Robert Smith’s Monthly Calendar

song chart memes
more graph humor and song chart memes

OK, so I’m way too amused by popular culture graphs.

A For Music Quiz You

This quiz is going around one of my listservs. It’s written by Defective Yeti, but somehow I missed the post. I got the first question right, but after that, it went downhill pretty quickly.

And Great Lyrics Quiz Rock Roll The

The strange power of music

The Wired recently featured an article on Oliver Sacks: Earworms, Stevie Wonder and the View From Mescaline Mountain. Dr. Sacks discusses the amazing power music has on all of our minds (and what it’s like to be a Jewish atheist on some really hard drugs).

Absolute pitch [the ability to identify a note without hearing a reference tone] is pretty rare in the general population — maybe 1 in 10,000 have it. In professional musicians it’s 1 in 10. But in those born blind, musicians or not, it’s nearly 1 in 2. A third of all musical savants are blind. You can be blind without being musical, but there is a correlation.

Does sight somehow impair absolute pitch?

Beginning of the week links

Found these in my tabs:

Bloxorz: a nice little geometric-based game. Sounds easy enough: get the block in the hole, and don’t let it fall of the sides.

MetaFilter discusses Famous First Words in pop music (as well as some infamous ones).

This Ask MetaFilter question, Marriott ruined our wedding night!, has some pretty good advice on how to approach service industries who do not perform. Best idea: be sure, when asking for compensation, to ask for somethings specific and reasonable (that is, “We’d like 50% off or our bill” works better than “We’d like free service for life” or “Someone Must Pay!”).

How to Store Your Food So It Lasts Longer: turns out you can store your bananas in the fridge.

A. Whitney Brown advices his nephew to not enlist in the Air Force. A reminder that the media has been, over the last few decades, very quiet about how our country actually uses its military forces and who we have killed.

Playing the B-Sides

Vinyl Data is the story of computer games that could once be found on LPs.

That’s right: there were a handful of records released in the late 70′s and early 80′s that contained computer programs as part of the audio. This is totally insane, and totally great.

What the heck is “Yellow Ledbetter,” anyway?

If you’ve spent the past 15 years or so wondering what the heck the song was about, here’s a valiant attempt to understand Eddie Vedder’s “Yellow Ledbetter.” Makes as much sense as anything else. “Make me fries.”

Surely the Grammys must be some kind of joke

From the List of Grammy Award winners: Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal: “My Humps,” Black Eyed Peas.

This is the best song they could find in the last year from any group? Nothing else other than one of the worst songs it’s ever been my displeasure to have heard? This?? I guess their ears are too full of lovely lady lumps.