Links via the iPad

Some posts from the iPad:

Need a Mary Sue fix? Metafilter has a fun discussion.

How many already existing services did Apple challenge yesterday? A lot.

I’ve been playing with a beta app called Show Me – make your own videos in just minutes:

What is that? Kids try to figure out old gadgets

Bonus: In French

Pancakes on a Thursday! Sw33t!

I have some links to post from my RSS feeds in Google Reader, but I’m having some technical difficulties on the Mac front of the “screen no longer feels like working” variety. Good thing Jean Marie found yet another awesome pancake blog: The Pancake Project.

So are there a lot of pancake blogs, I wondered? A quick Google search found the Illinois Pancake Blog, searching the state for the best of the best, and one blog about a celebrity named Sw33t Pancake, but I have no idea who she is.

For Muppet Experts Only?

Boing Boing recently tested readers’ knowledge of Henson creations in Obscure Muppets: The Quiz. I was surprised to get 70%, but I’m sure some of you will do much better.

Random Link Day

Found some fun things in my Google Reader: