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Try Ugly Overload.

Actually, this is pretty cute, too.

Surf and level with PMOG

Have you ever wanted to combine a massively multiplayer online game with surfing the net? Now there’s PMOG – the Passively Multiplayer Game. Install the PMOG toolbar on your Firefox browser and you’re all set. You’ll rack up points and badges just for the sites you visit every day. Leveling requires a little more active gameplay – placing crates of loot for others to find, mining sites, setting up portals to take players to new places, or creating missions (or mini tours of favorite internet sites). The missions might be used to create a fun learning tool, too.

I’m “artikat” on PMOG.

Not the most successful speech

In a speech at a recent conference, Steve Ballmer learns that Microsoft isn’t exactly a fan-supported company:

“How many of you use Live Search as your default?” Ballmer asked.

A smattering of hands went up. Tepid applause.

“How many of you use Yahoo search as your default?”

Far fewer hands went up and the room was relative [sic] quiet, until it filled with laughter.

[From Tech Tracks | Microsoft’s Ballmer gives unvarnished take on Windows, online businesses | Seattle Times Newspaper Blog]

What are the techies using? Google, duh. If nothing else, this illustrates the great importance of knowing one’s audience.

From J-Walk

Guess I don’t need to know that any more

I’m looking for ways to declutter. I’m going to start by clearing out all of these obsolete skills from my brain. But does anyone know of a place I can take them to recycle?

Clearing up misconceptions

Top 15 Misconceptions about Evolution – 14 is a biggie for me — evolution is not about realizing some kind of organic master plan. Either you can survive in your own environment, or someone else does it better. That’s it.

What Social Media Isn’t – 10 Misconceptions: It’s not easy, fast, a substitute for a website, something your interns should be doing, or a system for achieving instant popularity.


Top 5 Misconceptions about Dungeons & Dragons:

You learn about as much about “real life” magic from a D&D game as you do about aquatic life from watching Spongebob Squarepants.

I think I’ve been watching Spongebob for all the wrong reasons.

Dispelling 8 Misconceptions of Organization: or, “good luck with that!” Even correct conceptions about organization are difficult to implement.

Six misconceptions that appear in literature about vaccination: and let’s add “vaccines lead to high rates of autism” to this.

Seven Common Misconceptions About Atheism. I kind of agree with “Atheism implies life is absurd.” Life is often pretty absurd (especially with 4 cats and a toddler) but that’s okay. Absurd keeps us on our toes.