Google Fun

I’ve loved Google News for a while, but now it comes with cool searching options, like limiting to a specific source. Hey, I think it’s useful!

Stealing Time

Wasn’t finding anything much on the Internet today — same ol same ol. I did find this site which has some cool stuff about illicit antiquities. It talks about archeological sites that have been looted for collectors and simiar problems. Makes it hard to study cultures when you don’t have anything to look at.

What’s odd, though, is it was just added to Yahoo this week (along with a few others on the same subject) but doesn’t seem to have been updated in a while.

“Hey, maybe we should do something with this cool site we have! It’s just sitting around.” “Like change the content? Add a new edition of the newsletter?” “Nah, I was thinking of getting it on Yahoo. We’ll do that content stuff next year.”

The Places You Will Go

The whole point of this blog is to share strange and possibly useful things I find on the Internet. Here’s some recent stuff (not sure where I found all of these):

1. All About Japan
This is a slightly newer version of a site I found a long time ago. Here you can find good explanations of Japanese customs, language, food, and — of course — Kleenex.

2. The Complete Guide to Becoming a Nudist
In case you really wanted to. The operative parameter here is the writer is from Australia, seemingly in a place somewhat warmer than Chicago. I can’t imagine even walking around my appartment naked — too frigging cold, for one thing! I think I already had my share of naked people in art school.

3. Fictional Freeways
If you’re on the road so much you have fantasies about the ideal highway, you may need to cut down on your travelling somewhat.

4. Go Ask Alice
Ask Alice about health, fitness, sexuality, drugs, nutrition, and whether you can eat those leftovers you forgot to put away.

5. Jennifer Government: Nation Sates

Jennifer Government: NationStates is a nation simulation game. You create your own country, fashioned after your own political ideals, and care for its people. Either that or you deliberately torture them. It’s really up to you.

It’s like Exalted without the cool combo moves. (This one’s from Weblog Wannabe.)

Think she’ll link to me?

How weird is this? Barbie now has a blog. Here’s what she has to say:

11/6/2002  Play It Cool – But Look Hot
So Robbie finally called. His band is playing downtown tonight. I probably should play hard to get, but he is just such a hottie. No girl worth her credit cards could resist him. I must go fabulize.

Name that Tune

Classical Music Search can name that MIDI tune, in well, a little more than three notes. (Scout)

One a day

I try to find you guys one scary thing every day. Here’s today’s special: Spiderwood

Mom, can I get the Hanged Man playset for Christmas?

Did you ever look at your toys and say, hey, I bet these would make a great set of Tarot cards?

From boing boing.

No more Blogger?

Obviously, I’ve changed stuff around here. I’m now using Movable Type to manage the site rather than Blogger — got sick of losing entries to server problems. And Blogger doesn’t like Mac so much. But MT is somewhat more challenging — other than installation, my big challenge of the day was trying to figure out how to put the last x entries rather than the last x days worth of entries on the site. Next — redesigning this rather generic layout.

Yay! We still have ALD!

Arts and Letters Daily didn’t die! We can still find cool things to read! Like

There is an echo of our dark, primeval past in Halloween. Indeed, it’s an ancient holiday, going back all the way to the macabre mists of 1929…