It’s time for Pi(e)!

Happy Pi day! Google celebrates in style. A mathematician gives a rare Pi interview. Many of us eat Pi(e) for dinner (we had dutch apple pie – not as cute at the picture, I’m afraid).

But some purists are claiming that Real Pi Day is actually April 17, when the Earth is 1/? from the winter solstice:

March 14 is the vulgar Pi Day. Sure, calling 3/14 “Pi Day” may seem cute, and it makes for good media coverage, but the commemoration of a transcendental constant should not be tied to the grubby political vagaries that resulted in the Gregorian calendar’s accidents of number.

The 3/14 date may be a “vulgar,” but Pi is great enough that we can celebrate it more than once a year. And don’t forget, Pi Approximation Day is coming up on 22-7. More Pi(e) for everyone!

Color history

This is kind of fun: the history of Crayola Crayon colors as a colorful bar chart.

And the results are in!

Well, some of them are. Some people I voted for won, some lost. We’ll be back at this again in November.


Someday I’m going to set up a company that will be staffed entirely by 12 year olds. Our one service will be to evaluate brand names.

Return of puppy cam

I’m sure I’ve got some good links hanging around someplace, but until I can dig them out, have some puppies.

A matter of some debate

These questions are harder than they look:

  • A tree seed starts very small, but where does all of the stuff that makes wood for chairs and tables come from?
  • Can you make a bulb light with just a battery and a single wire?
  • Why is it hotter in summer?
  • Draw a picture of the solar system. What shape are the planets’ orbits?

Answers in Jonathan Drori’s TED video (though some would debate even his answers – science is fun).

And a link since no one believes me when I tell them the answer to the 4th question.