Ten gadgets for 10 years

Endgadget has compiled a nice list of the Ten gadgets that defined the decade (yes, I know the decade actually ends at the end of this year, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone). It was kind of fun to find that I had at least some version of almost every item on it. I guess I know my gadgets.

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Productive procrastination?

I wrote this essay as a way of not completing another, more pressing task.

Am I being productive by reading this essay on Productivity and Procrastination, or am I putting off other tasks (going to bed, figuring out holiday gifts, dishes, clean up, petting cats, laundry, etc.)?

The NYT reviews books?

Missed this one: last month, the New York Times reviewed my friend Mara’s new children’s book:

“The Busiest Street in Town” is a fable, the story of a grandmotherly woman, Agatha May Walker, who wants to take gingersnap cookies to her friend Eulalie but cannot get across a street swollen with trucks and cars. We see her standing amid exhaust fumes — “Slow Down!” she yells — like King Xerxes telling his men to flog the Hellespont.

Wow, that’s just what I thought when reading the book – just like King Xerxes! (No, wait, that’s not what I thought at all. King Xerxes was the last thing on my mind. I guess I’m not as erudite as a NYT book reviewer).

Here’s David’s review: “Read it again!” He didn’t mention Xerxes at all.

Cute but Evil

Trying to catch up on the Internet, which means that all I have today is a cat story: 6 Adorable Cat Behaviors With Shockingly Evil Explanations.

Good kitty.

Preparing for the holiday

Don’t have any idea what to get everyone for Christmas? Fortunately, the web can offer lots of help. Your family will thank you for their awesome gifts, then ask you to fix their computer.

I guess they won’t need to send any wedding announcements

I’m part of a couple who met on the Internet, but even I find today’s courtship rituals a bit strange. I can see how proposing on Twitter might work, and even updating your relationship status in Facebook sometime during your wedding. But maybe not right at the altar? I mean, most of your Facebook friends are probably sitting right there watching you (or maybe on a webcam) – they already know you’re married.

Last day of the month link dump

Looks like I’ve done it – I’ve posted every day this month.  For my final November post, some random links in my Firefox tabs:  Don’t know everything there is to know about Twitter?  Now you do. Once you’ve learned all about Twitter, check out 17 Things Worth Knowing about Your Cat.  18: your cat is a carnivore – but will she eat artificial meat?  She might be a bit surprised to find vat-grown kitty kibble in her dish.