No more boring presents

Why give someone just an ordinary wallet this year when you could be giving them one of these geek-inspired wallets? Via the Presurfer.

Fast internet connection = one link (but feeling a little guilty)

I’m kind of tired after a long car trip.   Thanksgiving was very good, and now I’m feeling fairly thankful.  I’m especially thankful that I have access to wireless, high-speed Internet again.  Abbie the Cat is also thankful, but in his own way:

and there’s a lot of other things to thank
and I Bet you have a few in your life too
so think about that for a bit
and then you can take a Nap because I know I will

Slow internet connection = single link

Just a short bit today – check out these Russian doll measuring cups.

Thanksgiving Reading

From the Law Librarian Blog: Historical Thanksgiving Proclamations.

Too stuffed full of turkey to read?  Then find a good chair and sit back and listen to a story about what happened when FDR tried to move Thanksgiving.  Not his most popular decision.  The politics will sound oddly familiar.

What the Internet wants you to know

If there’s one thing the Internet is obsessed with, it’s How To Use An Apostrophe. Hope this helps.


GeekPress posted a few interesting links about dads teaching kids:

Feynman’s Father – teaching to think
Man taught his son Klingon – teaching to listen
The worst swearword – teaching to swear

OK, some lessons are more useful than others.

Ersatz Sushi

That sushi you’re enjoying – you may not be eating what you think. A recent study found:

“A piece of tuna sushi has the potential to be an endangered species, a fraud or a health hazard.”

Or it might be Lego.

One A Day (Part 2)

The other project I’ve been working on every day is Momentile. This one is a bit easier – post one picture every day. Mostly, I just take a picture with my iPhone using Camera Genius (steadies the camera), fix it a little with Photogene (adjusts the levels slightly), and then upload it with the Momentile app. Some of the pictures– like this one (David), this one (David), and this one (Cassandra) — were taken by kids who have somehow gotten a hold of one of my cameras/iPhones. I kind of like those best.

One A Day (Part 1)

So things have been quite busy on my little blog lately (well, busy for me). Instead of posting a few times a week (or maybe a few times a month), I’ve been posting every day. Why? November is NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month. Thirty days, thirty posts. That’s it. All I have to do is find 30 links to iPhone apps, YouTube videos, LOL cats, and other Internet randomness, and we’re all set.

Much easier than writing an entire novel.

Cute, but not quite Cute Overload

I’m a bit distracted today, so I don’t have much to share. Seems that Bioware has gone and released a new game – darn them. Here, how about some nice pictures of a Baby Coelacanth? Pretty cute for a living fossil.