I hate folding laundry

And so do all these people.

This would seem to be a rather pedantic statement, but some may disagree.

I do not hate folding laundry as much as I hate cheese. (Yes, that’s me on the list — apparently I’m only the 5th most cheese-hating person on the Internet).

More obvious statements:

Click Click Click

It’s the fabulous 60 minute Price is Right site!

Gizmodo: The Gadgets Weblog

TOP500 Supercomputer sites

American Science & Surplus

Ghost Town Gallery

CD MAP Settlement

If you are tired of telling the same stories around the holiday table, maybe you can try some of these: Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors.

I forget where I got this from.

No, I can’t spell.

The Uselessness of Tokyo Pi

When I was in high school, I got bored and memorized the first 20 digits of pi. Since then, I’ve found the number useful for stuff, like mnemonics or coming up with user names when debg has already been taken (or turned into porn…).

Now they’ve gone and calculated pi to 1.24 trillion digits. How am I supposed to memorize all those?



After several no-shows and endless calls to customer service (pretty much all on Seth’s part) we now have a phone. Horay! We can use TIVO again! This is a good thing.

World Aids Day

In 1999, I was the attorney for Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation’s AIDS Advocacy Project. CCLAF doesn’t exist now — it’s part of Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago. But You can read a little about its related project here: HIV/AIDS Project

The Body, if I remember correctly, has a lot more info on AIDS and HIV.

Happy Turkey Day

Hope you had a good dinner, with stuffing and potatoes and pie. But I bet your turkey wasn’t cooked quite like that first one.


Having trouble figuring out this style sheet thing. I can’t get anything to change, I don’t think. I’ll try to get back to it later.

On the Move Today is

On the Move

Today is moving day — back to Chicago I go. Some random thoughts.

1. Where did I get all of this crap? I have like 40 boxes of books! Why? Have I even read all of these books? But I think I can get one more from Amazon, right?

2. My cats think they have successfully hidden all of their cat toys but no! I have now unearthed them all. And Seth’s cats will eat them in two seconds, I just know it….. :-)

3. My current phone will work but I won’t be around to answer it. Use the cell if you need to reach me.

I should have internet access by Mon.! Back then.