Too many tabs – my annoyance, your gain!

I have too many tabs open, so I’ll share them with you so I can get rid of some:

12-Year-Old’s a Food Critic via Metafilter. Look for him on Top Chef in a few seasons.
Guidelines for Cats via Presurfer. Because there’s not enough funny cat stuff on the Internet.
Sithborg, you want this tshirt (there’s also I’ll kill you with my brain!) via CtrlAltTabby.
Incredibots – more Flash meets physics.
Give a laptop/get a laptop is back. But it’s $399. I’ll have to think about that one.
Will Obama make the greatest sacrifice yet – giving up his BlackBerry?
Google SketchUp, a 3D modeler for Macs and PCs, looks like fun.
I’ve blogged them once, but the Shiba Inu puppies are growing up so you’d better watch them while you can.
On second thought, I think I’ll keep the puppy tab open.

“Drugs er bahad”

Jason wants you all to know, if you are a spider, you should not do drugs. Not even caffeine.

Meanwhile, Dana wants you to watch this movie and help save dolphins, even if some of them are a bit mean.

New baby

Means new weblog for us bloggers: Riley Kendra Blaeske. They should put some pictures up.

Another Chicago Blog

The Retail Knut

OK, Megan’s only got a couple of entries right now but the colors are pretty! Don’t piss her off though….

At least she’s at Jewel. She could be working in a, um, video store. [note: the video store sells all kinds of movies, from G to not-G, but the more interesting customers apparently are the not-G ones...]

Happy B-day Steve (and late

Happy B-day Steve (and late happy bday to Anne and Mara and Alyssa and everyone else!) And Ann F. too!