In honor of Star Wars turning 30, BBC NEWS presents 30 pieces of trivia about Star Wars:

Director George Lucas originally had a contract with Fox for $150,000 (£75,941) for writing and directing Star Wars. But he cannily insisted on total control and 40% of merchandising.

Now that’s savvy.

Lucas once said that the shape of the Millennium Falcon was based on a hamburger.

I’m not sure what to make of that. Now I want Jedi Fries.

On the first day of filming in the deserts of Tunisia, the country experienced its first major rainstorm in 50 years and a rest day had to be called.

Murphy was fired from the set shortly after.

George Lucas wanted his sets to look worn and scuffed but the studio cleaning service continually cleaned and tidied up after a day’s filming – much to the director’s dismay.

And then he cleaned everything up on the digital editions, anyway.

Meanwhile, if you’re going to a party to celebrate, don’t put on your costume or take out your props until you get there, or you might be arrested. Better yet, just watch the DVDs at home. (via Borgknight, of course.)