FreeRice: test your vocabulary and win rice for people who need it. It’s kind of addicting and strangely compelling.

The game’s mission is framed strangely — as a benefit to the player first, then a benefit to people who receive the rice. The game generates ad revenue which is used to feed people, which is a nice way to provide needed food, but it shouldn’t be like this. There’s pretty much no good reason why anyone should be without food — there’s a lot of people, sure, but also a lot of food. And I bet it wouldn’t be hard to trace how some of the advertisers’ business practices deny more people food than this game will generate. And while rice is a great staple, many diets in the world, in developed and undeveloped economies, need more variety. Is there a secret level which provides protein, vegetables, and fruit?

Still, the game provides food. It builds your vocabulary. Play away! Via Ann F. and many blogs.