Websnark is posting again. Hurrah! But mostly about webomics I don’t read. Boo! His new theme is the “State of the Web(cartoonist)”, featuring some of the best artists on the web. I’m finding all kinds of new comics to read just in the first few entrires. Hurrah! But who has time to read all of these comics? Boo!

Just in the past week or so, he’s reviewed:

Aerie (Punch and Pie) (The only comic that he’s reviewed so far that I actually read.)

Nicholas Gurewitch (The Perry Bible Fellowship) (cute but the site design is a bit weird.)

Danielle Corsetto (Girls with Slingshots) (I read this now! I managed to read the entire back story in one day.)

David Morgan-Mar (Irregular Webcomic, Darths and Droids) (IRW looks good; Darths and Droids is hysterical. Yah, I know the “movie as an RPG” has been done before with LOTR, but I didn’t read that and I don’t know LOTR as well as I know Star Wars. Also, I love that Jar Jar Binks is played by a 6-year-old.)