Polite Dissent presents: The Uncanny X-Peeps.

Let’s see. you wouldn’t want to eat the White Queen Peep because she’d use her telepathy to make you only think you’d eaten her. Or she’d just use her new diamond skin (still trying to figure that one out). Ouch. Wolverpeep, well, adamantium marshmallow and all that. Double ouch. Nightpeepcrawler would probably taste like sulfur. I suppose you could eat Cypeepclops and he’d only whine about it. The bones from Angel Peep would stick in your throat. Storm Peep would hit your stomach with lightening. Professor Peep Xavier would turn your mind to mush. And I don’t even want to consider eating Peep Phoenix because I’d just bet she’d go all Dark Peep Phoenix somewhere in your small intestine and then the universe would be destroyed.