Expelled Exposed – exposing the real motivations and facts behind the pseudo-documentary promoting Intelligent Design, Expelled:

Biologist and science blogger P. Z. Myers signed up for an invitation to one of Expelled’s pre-release screenings across the country via the Expelled website. In his RSVP he reported he would be bringing guests, as permitted by the invitation. His guests included family members and famed biologist Richard Dawkins. Dawkins was in town for a conference, and Myers invited him along to the screening. After all, both had been filmed for the documentary, and wanted to see what footage of theirs had been used.

Myers signed up for the screening using his own name, and was told through the website-generated reservation-confirming e-mail to bring personal identification to the theater. Upon arrival, Myers and his guests presented their identification as instructed, and he and his guests went to wait in line to enter the theater. (Dawkins’s British passport, which he presented, lists his full legal name: Clinton Richard Dawkins.)

However, while waiting in line, Myers was approached and told that the producer said he was not welcome at the theater, and must leave. His guests, however, were permitted to stay, including Dawkins.

Nothing weird or fishy about actively keeping out the subjects you attempt to mock in your own film, no. And Myers isn’t the only one to have received this treatment.