Killjoy Cooking With the Dungeons & Dragons Crowd – geeks respond to new editions of cook books?

Posted: 12:48 a.m. by Goku1440 I found an awesome loophole! On page 242 it says “Add oregano to taste!” It doesn’t say how much oregano, or what sort of taste! You can add as much oregano as you want! I’m going to make my friends eat infinite oregano and they’ll have to do it because the recipe says so!

Ah, yes, the great oregano argument of 2004. I remember it well. I also remember when the American Heart Association updated its cookbook and ruined my favorite recipes, all in the name of “game balance”. Or maybe it was “balanced diet”. In any case, the old shredded chicken was much better. I refuse to buy any more new editions, unless the new cover is especially shiny.