A Muppet fan watches Farscape for a week with a die hard follwer and a recent FS convert, who has this to say:

It’s like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but instead of using a fantasy backdrop and demons as metaphors for life’s journeys and lessons, it uses Science Fiction and aliens and space ships and leather. Lots and lots of leather.

Via BoingBoing, which was actually pointing us to the fans’ take on Muppets meet the Dixie Chicks on Family Feud:

I’ve started fantasizing that the host of Family Feud isn’t Louie Anderson — it’s elfin performance art diva Laurie Anderson. Laurie comes out on stage playing the theme song on her electric violin. Behind her, huge screens show repeating film clips of telephone poles and deserted mesas. Laurie welcomes us to the show: "There was this man. And there was this woman. And they were playing…" Plink, plink, plink. "… Family Feud." She paces around the stage. "It was a long road." Glance at the telephone poles. "It was a very…" Plink, plink. "… Long road." And then she plays an eight-minute piano solo on her tie.

Why isn’t real tv this interesting?