Take a trip back to Google, January 2001.

Wikipedia is almost unknown.

Google thinks a “weblog” is a visitor tracking script. “Blog” gets 73K hits. Today: 3 billion. That said, Blogger is the second hit in 2001, and first in 2008.

Social networks were the people you knew in real life.

iPod: Image Proof of Deposit Document Processing System, IPO Disorder, revoutionary new immersive entertainment device [for console games], International Programme of Ocean Drilling, Insurance Products on Disk.
Not: anything then made by Apple.

The iPhone was a lot bigger. Also not from Apple. But Apple had just introduced iTunes (the iPod would come later in 2001).

No: Second Life (2002), podcasting (2004), Twitter (2006), Facebook (2004), MySpace (2003), Flickr (2004), YouTube (2005), Gmail (2004), or even Web 2.0.