I’m a late comer to computer games. I played a few arcade games as a kid, but didn’t have my own console until we got an X-Box . I’ve been a Mac user since 1987, and as any PC gamer knows, there are very few games for the Mac. I’ve seen Seth play many, many games, and some look like they are really fun. But when I try them out, it’s hard to figure out how to do anything and I don’t have the reflexes of a 16 year old. I find that I have to repeat stuff over and over and I generally get bored before I learn how to get past wherever I’m stuck. I thought it was just me, but expert gamer Shamus wonders: Do you need a game to punish you for failure in order to enjoy victory? Or could more novice gamers be won over if games let them learn without endless repetition, especially endless repetition of skills we’ve already learned. Turns out, there’s a game on the already on the market to test this theory.