I’m neglecting the blog again in favor of Twitter and Facebook. Sorry, blog. I’ll try to spend a few days posting about some of my favorite iPhone apps. Today: Shazam

Ever hear a song on the radio and wonder what it was or who the artist is? If you have a radio like mine, you just look at the digital interface and it tells you, so I guess that’s not such a big issue these days. But Shazam goes a lot further.

While listening to the song, tell “Shazam” tag it. It will listen to the music for about 1/2 a minute, then figure out what it is and tell you the artist and song. It will also provide a link to the YouTube video, a link to the song in iTunes, and a link to Tweet the song as well as a biography and discography of the artist. Shazam uses the location feature of the iPhone 3GS to map where you were when you heard the song (though I’m not sure why; maybe good for first dates or jogging your memory).

Bes of all – it provides the lyrics (when available). So now I know the lyrics to some of my favorite songs are not “you have to have a big breakfast if you want to be a millionaire” or “my mother and my brothers used to really connect, and dream I was a adopted.”

Also available for BlackBerry, Android, and some other platforms

Cost: free (ad supported)