Sometimes you wonder why characters on TV shows act the way they do, why they don’t take actions which — while problematic for actors’ careers — would make logical sense. Fortunately these days TV characters keep their own weblogs. So if you can’t figure out what the First is up to on BtVS, read the Livejournal.

For example, if you were wondering why the First didn’t out and out kill Spike:

Should really stake annoying souled vampire, but have weighed up options: on the pro-staking front, he is v. irritating and by the looks of it won’t turn evil, despite me taking the form of Drusilla, himself, Buffy, his mother, whiny vampire ex-girlfriend and Angelus (that poncy hair takes forever to get right, too) and offering power, blood, release from torment, and chocolate. Spike potentially dangerous to the plan: should he escape/be rescued he is a strong and valuable ally for the Slayer. Also his dusting would destroy said Slayer’s morale, plus prophecies of the importance of a vampire with a soul could mean he will be the one to defeat me.

On the other hand, he looks v. nice with his shirt off.

The vampire stays.

That’s a good a reason as any.

(Stolen from SpoilerSlayer)