OK, I don’t know too much about this study, but if this report is true, it’s complete hogwash. Supposedly, this recent study showed that 70 percent of Americans think women should take spouse’s name after marriage. Better still, 50% thought it should be a legal requirement. Why?

“They said the mailman would get confused and that society wouldn’t function as well if women did not change their name,” Hamilton says.

Hate to confuse the mail carrier and all.

I kept my name. Changing it was never in question – it’s been my name for my whole life. As for the kids, the boy has my name and the girl has my husband’s. Sometimes this confounds the doctor’s office but so far we really haven’t had any problems.

Will the kids be confused? Maybe, but it’s hardly the most confusing thing they’ll ever deal with. At some point, we’ll need to explain the Bush presidency.

Via: The Name Game — Feministe

I have a vague feeling I’ve complained about this before, but can’t figure out where. Guess it’s a point that bears repeating.