It’s a good piece of advice: always shop with a shopping list. You won’t forget stuff you wanted and you won’t buy things you don’t need. Great idea, harder to put in practice. Too often I’d start a list only to leave it at home later, either by accident or because I don’t always know when I’ll find the time to go shopping

Enter GroceryIQ (version 1.5). This iPhone app can easily make a list from the 100K+ items in its database. Add generic items when you don’t about who made them (“Stewed tomatoes”) or include specific brands when you do (“Cascade Dishwasher Detergent”). You can even provide more details if needed. To add an item to your list, just start typing and select the best match. No match? Add any item to the database you want.

Now that I have this app, I can see my list wherever I go. I can add new items whenever I remember I need them, rather than wait until I can get to my list. I can even review my past history and add items directly from that. My list is always with me at the store, arranged by aisle (another feature of the program). And if I can’t get to the store myself? No problem – GroceryIQ will email the list to someone else.

There are a few features I’d like to see added, but all seem to be planned for a future release: shared lists, coupons, and barcode scanning. Also, it would be great if it were free. Right now, it’s $.99 — maybe Version 2.0 will be here soon?