The Guide to American Political Parties is far more detailed than I ever expected. There are like dozens of them!

Christian Falangist Party of America [I can't even pronounce this one]

The Prohibition Party [back to the early 20th C with this one, I guess]

Peace and Freedom Party [their main claim to fame of late has been battling to keep other Marxist arties off the California ballot or something]

The Revolution “This party — simply named ‘The Revolution’ — seems to be an ideological hybrid between libertarianism and environmentalism, with a dash of New Deal liberal views thrown into the mix.” [Brain got fried trying to figure out environmental libertarianism, not to metion libertarian New Deal.]

The Southern Party “A truly nationalist party of the South” and their dissident splinter group, Southern Indepenence Party [?? Nto sure what to make of them. The original group has the nicer website.]

U.S Pacifist Party [yup, these people are gonna win. Apparently they no longer have a site.]

American Falangist Party “A ‘Falangist’ — just in case you’ve forgotten — is a follower of the authoritarian political views advocated by the late Spanish dictator Francisco Franco (to wit: largely a blend of 1930s fascist ideology, strong nationalism and conservative Catholic theology).” [I guess I forgot.]

Libertarian National Socialist Green Party “atheist, peaceful, pro-gay, pro-drug legalization, anti-racist, environmentalist Nazis who acknowledge the Holocaust likely occurred (but are neutral as to its justification) and oppose the government sponsored killing of Jews, Christians & gays and the disabled. ” [Nice of them. May be a joke.]

Multicapitalist Party “This quirky party supports ‘capitalism for all people equally’ — but it is hard to tell exactly what that means. The MP equally denounces capitalism (‘The rich riding on the backs of the poor’) and communism/socialism (‘The weak riding on the backs of the strong’).” [and their site has a MIDI! Arghh!]

Pansexual Peace Party “The PPP is a generally left-wing party that has yet to field any candidates — they don’t take themselves too seriously — and, oh yeah, and the PPP is founded on Wiccan (i.e., witchcraft) roots. Check out the PPP platform plank on sexual issues, which carries the title: ‘Sex is Good! Sex is Great! Yea, Sex!’” [Hard to argue with this platform! But their site burns my eyes. Ow!]

And then there are those wishy-washy people and the greedy ones. How boring.