– Fans Howl in Protest as Judge Decides X-Men Aren’t Human

And apparently Marvel wants it that way! (Or at least Toy Biz. Why? Lower tarrifs on toys — how dumb a tarrif rule was this? It seems that it doesn’t exist any more.)

And it’s always fun to see the reporters just make stuff up about comic book characters:

But what about Wolverine, the muscular X-Man with the metal claws that jut out from his fists? Wolverine has known many forms in his more than 40 years as a Marvel character. In some comics, he resembles a futuristic robot. In the movie “X-Men,” he’s a scruffy Canadian who drives a camper until falling under the protection of the telepathic Prof. Xavier, dean of an academy for gifted mutants in suburban New York.

40 years? I don’t think so. Futuristic robot??? Whatever. Dean Xavier?

Yes, yes, I’m a little fan girl. Link from Fark.