I have a new blog editor – Blogo. I don’t like using online editors. For one thing, it’s harder to make backups of my posts. Second, I don’t want to switch between tabs when I’m blogging about something on the web.

I saw Blogo mentioned around on various blogs and thought I’d give it try. I really like its interface – it’s very clean. But what I’m really having fun with is its dropbox. I can put pretty much anything in it – YouTube videos, pictures, etc. – and they are instantly added to my post.

There are some features I would like to see, maybe in future releases:
1. Up until this post, Blogo didn’t post my categories correctly. This is why most of my last posts are categorized “Internet”. Maybe this works only in registered versions?
2. Blogo can handle multiple blogging platforms, including Twitter, and even multiple accounts. But it wont let me Twitter and blog at the same time.
3. Livejournal support would be nice.
4. I might be missing something, but it looks like I can only edit one new post at a time.

Blogo is $25, but you can try it free for 21 days. Mac only.