Conservative Christian Activist Practices Withdrawl — or who to NOT appoint to the national AIDS council. (San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center)

Stem Cell Breakthrough in MS Research — maybe this could help the real president, Bartlett? (Discovery Health)

Rebels kidnap 2 U.S. journalists — one of the people kidnapped is Robert Young Pelton, who knows a lot about dangerous places. (CNN)

Cloned Cat Isn’t A Carbon Copy — but still way cute! (

Nintendo announce next-gen GameCube — and here I am having just got an XBox! Never ahead of that curve, I tell you….. (CBBC Newsround)

Australian firefighters fight to control dozens of blazes — yikes! (

Four-Winged Dinosaur? — didn’t this fight Godzilla? (

Botox Finds New Use of the First Rank — and stops smelly armpits. Gross much. (

Nell Carter, Ain’t Misbehavin’ Star, Dead at 54 — kinda sad. My sister is unhappy. (Playbill)

Head Re-Attached — well that’s fucking impressive! (