XKCD has published his Color Survey Results, where he asked people to name thousands of colors to see which names were most popular for which hues. Among other things, he found:

  • If you ask people to name colors long enough, they go totally crazy.
  • Indigo was totally just added to the rainbow so it would have 7 colors and make that “ROY G. BIV” acronym work.
  • Nobody can spell “fuchsia”.

He also found that men and women generally agreed on color names, but some names like “Dusky Rose” are more popular with women, while names like “WTF” are more popular among men.

Other good color names:

  • Velociraptor cloaca
  • we are a collaborative icecream cone!!!!!
  • i considered rickrolling you, because I have a strong feeling no ones ever rickrolled someone with their own scientific data
  • gosh, that’s blue

It’s too late to add any new data to the experiment, but you can still play around with the original survey if you want.