So I was reading an Amalah post the other day (because she is funny) about how she tried to give her dog an IQ test which was only more or less (well, less) successful. Apparently, one of her readers mistakenly thought that she might also write another blog, Hyperbole and a Half (who gave her dog the same test, but it was even less successful). I figured I should check out the other blog–recommendations from Amalah are often good enough for me.

Who knew a blog which pretty much consists of random Microsoft Paint-style cartoons would be totally hysterical? My favorite story so far is How a Fish Almost Destroyed by Childhood (with extra added goodness from her own mom).

If you’re tempted to try the doggies smarts test, you’ll find it here. I don’t have a dog, just cats, and I’m pretty sure they’d completely ignore any IQ test I tried to give them. That, or eviscerate me for being presumptuous.