One of the best things about going away to college was I finally got my own computer. My family had an old IBM-PC that ran some ancient version of DOS, but college was going to require something more. The college computer store offered two choices – a solid PC, or a shiny Mac.

I went with the Mac SE, and have been an Apple fangirl ever since. Finally, I could turn on a computer and go – no DOS commands to memorize or esoteric WordStar menus to decipher. The SE worked the way a computer should and showed me what technology could really do – stay out of the way and let people accomplish stuff.

Over the years, I’ve owned a lot of Macs – SI, 7500, Duo 2001, a G3 Macbook, a G4 Macbook Pro, and a couple of Intel Macbook Pros. Not to mention the iPod, the iPod Touch, the iPhone 3GS, and, of course, the iPad. Even Seth, a long-time PC user, has owned an iPod, 2 iPhones (though now he has an Android), and an iPad (every house needs 2). There are many, many Apple logos in this house.
I’ve gotten a lot out of all of this Apple stuff. I learned to program, code websites, and blog on Macs. The Duo saw me through law school, while the G3 was invaluable for library school (mostly because I used my Airport to create my own private wireless networks so I could look up resources on the net during class).
My iPhone is not only my camera, but it also lets me listen to NPR podcasts in the car (and makes calls). And thanks to my iPad, I rarely use my printer anymore – why print when I can just save a document to Dropbox and read it anywhere? What they say is true – Apple isn’t just a company, it’s a lifestyle.
I may work on PCs, but my geek-girl techie heart is in Apple. Thanks, Steve. I owe you a lot. You and your vision (and your great quotes) will be missed.