Looking to be more productive in the new year? These three apps might be helpful:

One of the biggest complaints I hear about the iPad is that it needs an app that works seamlessly with Office documents. Pages is a pretty good editor, and Documents to Go handles many kinds of files, but neither offer a complete suite of features. The biggest missing feature – track changes. With CloudOn, users can see and edit their Office documents in their original format and – finally – see tracked changes. TabletLegal has the pros and cons of this new app. Note that it may take a while for new users to access the site and that the service may not be free in the future.

Notes Plus 3.0 For Sale « iPad Notebook
A versatile note taker which includes a voice recorder and a web browser. I like that it can save notes to Google Docs. There’s supposed to be a handwriting recognition component you can buy, but I can’t get that part to work. Has anyone tried it?
The sale mentioned in the linked article has ended, but $6.99 isn’t bad.

This always looks like a great app for keeping everything organized – but I can’t justify buying a $40 app! Anyone tried it? Is it really worth ten times more than most apps I buy?