I think this summons up kitten owneship pretty well:

And so it begins. I swear I will do my utmost not to start a CatBlog and post hundreds of pictures of her doing all her cute catlike things. I will not carry on that she is in any way special from other cats. I will not… ahhh, look at her! She’s found the curtains! Go, Paris! Paris…. Paris is a pretty kitty! Yes she is! Yes she is! Get that ball! Get it! Get the ball! No, the ball! No, Paris. Ow. Ouch! Shit! Ouch, shit! No, Paris! No! No, Par… ahhh, look at the pretty girl. Paris? Paris likes to purr! Get that ball! Get it! Ow! Damn!

Stolen from eatonweb. No permalink so someday the kitten story won’t be there.

This is life with my cats:

Thump. Thump thump thump. Wacka Wacka. Screeeech! Yeeek! Scramble scramble. Hisss! “Can one of you come out from under the couch? Just one? No, no don’t hit the other cat. No biting! No biting ME! No licking the plastic bag! Wait, there’s only three of you… where’s the other one? What closet? Who put you in there?”

Aren’t they cute?