Jason sends me this article: UK’s Blair Under Fire for Plagiarized Iraq Dossier

It claimed to draw upon “a number of sources, including intelligence material.” But Friday, red-faced officials admitted whole swathes were lifted word for word — grammatical slips and all — from a student thesis.

Which sums up one of my biggest problems with this war (other than War Is Bad) — the reasons we are given for why we must attack Saddam (bad guy) and his fellow Iraqis (not necessarily bad guys) have consistantly been based on information which is far from credible. If they have good reasons — and I am constantly told they do — why can not they be based on believable, accurate information? Why all of the constant lies? Thousands of people will die in this war and all we get is constant prevarication.

And I’m not saying Saddam isn’t lying to us or that he doesn’t have WoMD — I have no idea. But I certainly expect that the leaders of the US and GB would have a lot more respect for their constitutants than Saddam has for his! How silly am I?