I wanted to surf the web as randomly as possible. I think random website dot com might be a good start. Let’s see, here are 10 very random links:

1. I don’t think I’ll be voting for this guy. Maybe if I were in Georgia. Or a Republican.

2. WorldWide FM — it has a pretty flash interface for some kind of station which apparently wont run on a Mac.

3. HairButt.com is for sale.

4. Tastes Like Chicken

5. Gotta love a weblogger who has 6 cats: Eclectica.

6. A very pretty Mac site.

7. Yes, I do need Max OS X icons!

8. Plastic is already on this site. How random is this anyway?

9. Chico’s Champion Singles of Years Gone By

10. This is either a group of antiglobalization activists or Canadian postal workers. Maybe both.