I only got 2 pumpkins from my garden this year.  Well, I think they are pumpkins.  They kind of look like pumpkins but they didn’t change colors like the pumpkins I’m used to.   And also 2 very tiny squash.  There were a few squash plants that didn’t produce at all, but to make up for it there were several rows of dried beans I don’t remember buying.

So, on to planning next year.  Under consideration:

  • Beets (never tried those before)
  • Peppers (2 of my 3 plants this year did well; one did nothing)
  • Carrots (these did well this year)
  • Pumpkin (maybe if I just plant a couple of them, it will work)
  • Green beans (always get a lot of beans)
  • Horseradish (I’ll pull my current one up the spring for maror)
  • Snow peas (maybe the birds will leave these alone – they always kill my snap peas)
  • Spinach (I’ll plant a bit at a time instead of all at once like I did this year – a mistake)
  • Eggplant (Rory liked these a lot)
  • Raspberries (as long as I can keep the birds from them, too)

That should be enough for my small yard.