One lone voice in a great big body. Senator Byrd speaks:

Pakistan as well is at risk of destabilizing forces. This Administration has not finished the first war against terrorism and yet it is eager to embark on another conflict with perils much greater than those in Afghanistan. Is our attention span that short? Have we not learned that after winning the war one must always secure the peace?

What the hell are we about to do and why? What will this look like in the end? What do we expect to accomplish and what good will this do anyone in the world?

I would wager that most of the protestors have no love for Saddam. But we are doing this — this — whatever this is — without a plan, without provocation, without funds, and without support. Must this be done now? And if it must be done ever, does it have to be done stupdily, recklessly, running roughshod not only over the Iraqi people but ourselves as well?

And why does every answer to any question about this incursion seem to be “because Saddam is evil.” “Who are you going to put into power instead?” “Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of people!” Um…. Yes, that’s bad but not the logical answer I was looking for. It’s like policy desions are being made by Internet trolls.

This is beyond embarassing.