I should write a longer blog post, but I’m working on a Prezi for a short presentation next week.  The premise is simple but loading all of the images is taking a while, mostly because I messed up a bunch of them.  But in the process of researching the presentation, I learned that you can now use Quicktime to display an iOS device on a Mac running Safari, so that made making 30 or so screen captures a lot easier.  I’ll post the Prezi when it’s ready.

If you don’t know what Prezi is, it’s an alternative to PowerPoint.  It works more like a mind map than a slide show, allowing the presenter to start with a big picture and then focus on details.  Many Prezis like using the turning feature, which can give a great sense of motion but also make audiences dizzy.  I try to avoid turning and stick to more 2 dimensional layouts.