Election season is coming up:
2002 Illinois Election Information

More search engines:
Vivisimo.com looks like it might be a viable alternative to the now for-pay NorthernLight.com
IxQuick.com is another metaseach engine which can search something like 14 search engines for general info, news, mp3s, and pictures. It rates its findings using a star system — this is a nice feature. What do the stars mean? “Ixquick awards one star for each search engine that placed a site in its top ten. Since different search engines value different content, a site that appears in multiple top ten lists is likely to be very pertinent!” I suppose that’s true.

Getting a lot of questions about economic statistics:
US Economy at A Glance
via What’s GNU?

According to usr/bin/girl if I go here I’ll find instructions telling me how to make a Mac out of paper! (Other things too, apparenly, like airplanes and cows….)

Mr. Barrett uses MenuCalendar to keep track of the date now that OS X has, for some reason, made this more difficult. Looks like a cute little program.

Opine Bovine discovered a site that offers free legal advice. As always, people should be pretty cautious about using legal advice from the internet. That said, this site looks like a good place to go to get some basic answers to legal questions. Advice is presented in a helpful “FAQ” format. While navigation is easy, the advice I looked at used legal terminology which might confuse non-lawyers.